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The vineyard is at the heart of Bodegas Fariña. The harduous and painsaking care of each and every vine is a daily ritual and it is where Fariña's passion truly lies.

Today, the winery owns 300 hectáres of vineyard in addition to partnering with the same carefully selected grape growing families year after year. Each farmer follows detailed instrucciones and advice from the Fariña family in order to achieve the same maximum quality of fruit.

The vineyards are planted in a series of sub regions, each with their own microclimate and soil characteristics. Each plot has been chosen for the quality of soil and its capacity to accentuate the grape variety's characteristics.

The average age of vineyard is around 40 years old with limited and carefully controlled yields, although vineyards of up to 140 years are used.

For the last 25 years, the Fariña family has been experimenting and researching the microclimates and soils in the region. As a result, all vineyards planted by the Fariña family over this period have been planted using the trellis double guyot system in contrast the region's traditional methods of vinegrowing on bush vines. The trellis system allows for greater canopy exposure therefore improving photosynthesis which in turn induces more even ripenening. It is also easier to induce vine stress which limits the growth of each individual grape leading to greater concentration and subsequent quality - the ultimo objective of Fariña.

Our superstar varietal is, without doubt, the TINTA DE TORO, a clone of Tempranillo which has adapted beyond recognition to the climate and soil conditions in TORO.

This noble varietal is used for all red and rose wines and produces wines which are fruit forward, deeply coloured, concentrated, rich in aromas with good structure and firm tannins. The wines from this varietal also age particulary well.

Malvasia is the white varietal of choice and is the most abundant white varietal in the region. Dating back to the ancient greeks.



Bodegas Fariña (D.O. TORO)
Camino del Palo s/n
49.800 Toro (Zamora - Spain)

Bodegas Fariña (Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León)
Crtra. de Moraleja s/n
49.151 Casaseca de las Chanas (Zamora - Spain)

Tel: +34 980 57 76 73 Fax: +34 980 57 77 20

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