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FARIÑA PRIMERO 2009 RELEASED - a key to the 2009 vintage


FARIÑA PRIMERO 2009 RELEASED - a key to the 2009 vintage Fariña's PRIMERO 2009 is now out in the market. Once again the label carries the winning art work from the Fariña Primero national art competition which takes place between February and April each year. The talented winner, Lola Catalá is based in Madrid.

The 40 finalists will have their entry art work displayed in the winery all year for visitors to enjoy.

This wine is always a good indication of what the vintage will be like. 2009 was marked by uneven and later ripening of the grapes. Different parcels ripened at different times and ususually, even within the same parcel there were differences in the speed of ripening. This meant that the quality of the wines really depended on the care taken in the vineyard. At Fariña, extra care was taken and tiny parcels of vineyard were harvested at a time only when they were ripe.

High temperatures in September led to reduced acidity which in turn has led to a wider, heavier mouth feel. More dark fruit than usual, lots of black liquorice and good structure are all characteristics of the 2009 vintage.

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