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Fariña launches Primero 2011 combining art and technology


Fariña launches Primero 2011 combining art and technology With art on the front label and technology on the back label, Fariña launches, this week, PRIMERO 2011 in a special way. Manuel Fariña himself together with his sons talk to each consumer about where the wine comes from and how it is made, using a QR code on the back of each label. All the consumer needs is a free download on their intelligent phone to be able to read the QR code.

This week Bodegas Fariña launches its first wine from the 2011 vintage: PR1MERO 2011. This year, in addition to its new label created by Spanish artist Rosa Soriano Marzal (winner of Fariña's 6th National Art Competition whose objective is to find the art work for its youngest wine), we find the newly created QR code on the back label. All winelovers all over the world need is a QR reader program on their phones, a program which can be downloaded free, to be able to see the vines and to listen to the Fariña family how the wine was made.


Primero 2011 is the youngest wine to be released from Bodegas Fariña. It is relased in only 45 days from the start of the harvest in Toro, a harvest characterized by intense fruit and aromas, which derive from the carbonic maceration winemaking method. This method consists in introducing the whole grapes in carbonic gas filled stainless steel fermentation tanks so as to encourage intercellular fermentation. This process produces wines full of red and in the case of Toro black berry fruits. Although paralels to Beaujolais Nouveaux in France are easy to draw due to its winemaking methods and the fact that both are earlier releases, Primero is somewhat different. Pr1mero is powerful and has more structure which means it is able to age nicely, gaining in elegance and complexity over time. The 2011 vintage is characterized by its incredible intensity of colour and fruit aromas. Bright, fresh and enticing on the nose with red fruit and floral aromas coming through. On the palate it is bright, juicy and well balanced.

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