About us
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About us

Rarely has one name been so linked to one region. Founded in 1942, this premium family wine estate is well acknowledged as the founding fathers of the region of TORO. Their 100% commitment to quality, pioneering efforts, respect for the terroir and the unparalleled knowledge and belief in the region's varietal TINTA DE TORO has helped them gain the reputation as one of the premium producers of TORO wines.

At the helm is second generation Manuel Fariña, a key figure in the Spanish wine industry. Following his winemaking studies in several places, he returned to TORO with new ideas and new technology and single handely converted the rustic backwater region of TORO into a fine wine making region following the reduction of alcohol by changing the centuries old tradition of starting the harvest on the 12th October, introduction of stainless steel and temperature controls. With Manu Fariña, the third generation of Fariña winemakers, currently leading the winemaking team, the efforts of the past are set to continue well into the future.

"Fariña's wines are defined by elegance and restrained tannins while maintaining all the terroir and varietal characteristics. A real understanding and respect of the terroir and varietal show through in every single Fariña wine."

About us


Bodegas Fariña (D.O. TORO)
Camino del Palo s/n
49.800 Toro (Zamora - Spain)

Bodegas Fariña (Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León)
Crtra. de Moraleja s/n
49.151 Casaseca de las Chanas (Zamora - Spain)

Tel: +34 980 57 76 73 Fax: +34 980 57 77 20

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